S1E14: Creepy Craft Supplies, Pumpkin Latch Hook, and DIY Costumes for Grown-Ups

October 22, 2018

For a special super-sized episode 14 of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, the girls talk about multiplying craft supplies, the right way to latch hook a pumpkin, and adult Halloween costumes. (Not THAT kind of adult Halloween costumes!)

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes

S1E13: Childhood Costumes and Haunted Happenings

October 8, 2018

In spooky episode 13 of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Haley, Heidi, and Mollie discuss the handmade costumes of their youths, the actual scariest place to be during the Halloween season, and the possibility of podcast-related paranormal activity.

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes

S1E12: Petite Sewing, DIY Plants, and All Things Sushi

September 24, 2018

In the 12th episode of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Haley propagates succulents, Mollie decides she needs a knitting machine, and Heidi learns about petite sewing alterations.

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes

S1E11: Prison Tattoos, Craft Trend Predictions, and Designing All the Things

September 10, 2018

In the 11th episode of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Haley talks about publishing her first book, Heidi shares her hand-poked tattoo, Mollie gets real about crafter's block, and they all celebrate releasing new projects into the world.

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes

S1E10: Crafty Travels, Finishing Projects, and Painting with Science

August 27, 2018

In the 10th episode of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Mollie tours a UK yarn mill, Haley pores over acrylic pouring, and Heidi rants about dc2tog.

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes

S1E09: Come for the Embroidery, Stay for the Skulls

August 13, 2018

In episode 9 of The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Haley & Heidi talk accurately matching embroidery floss colors, microbiology meets crafts with deer head projects, & they geek out about knitting needle and crochet hook faves. Meanwhile, Mollie temporarily abandons them for Europe.

Warning: This episode includes a discussion of crafting with animal remains and the process of doing so. If you're sensitive to this subject, you may want to skip the segment from 14:32 to 25:12

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes

S1E08: Weaving, Stress Dreams, and a Terrifying Craft Tool

July 30, 2018

It's episode 8 of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast and Heidi's knitting vacation does NOT go well, Haley fails spectacularly at bobbin lace, and Mollie gets, ahem, excited about craft supplies.

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes

S1E07: Embarrassing Projects and Craft Blogger Problems

July 16, 2018
In episode 7, the Very Serious Crafters discuss the challenges of being a craft blogger, then Heidi invents...Mary Poppins' pockets.

S1E06: Cinematic Rugmaking and the Brooklyn Bunting Emporium

July 2, 2018
In episode six of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Heidi falls in love with Iranian rugs, Mollie's got that Christmas-y feeling, and Haley wanders into a craft trap.

S1E05: Creative Dads and Crafty Inheritances

June 18, 2018

In the fifth episode of the Very Serious Crafts Podcast Haley, Mollie, and Heidi honor their creative dads, plus talk about what to do with the craft items of family members.

Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/show-notes